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Classification based on traffic

In this class the floor bricks are divided into three categories in terms of wear resistance:

  Floor brick I

Floor brick I is the one that is exposed to severe wear or the passage of heavy vehicles.

  Floor brick II

Floor brick II is the one that is exposed to moderate wear used in sidewalks or streets and public places.

  Floor brick III

Floor brick III is the one that is exposed to low wear and used in the yard or environments with low traffic.

Classification according to climatic conditions

Resistance to climatic conditions is divided into the following two categories:

  Resistance against freezing

Floor brick which is placed in cold weather and then saturated with water is subject to freeze.

  Non-resistant against freezing

Floor brick which is used in warm temperate climates and can be used in indoor environments is not exposed to freeze after being saturated with water.

Also floor bricks can be classified in terms of resistance against acid and alkali and insulation against cold, heat and sound or in terms of resistance against fire.

  Shale floor brick stability

Shale floor brick stability is obtained by burning brick at temperatures of 1100 ° C. In this method, the particles are sintered well and this makes shale floor bricks as one of the strongest carpets. While most veteran designers have accepted compressive strength of 562 kg per square centimeter as an industry standard, but they were surprised when they learned that shale carpets are stronger than this standard. Due to low water absorption of floor brick and frequent use in cold regions of the world including North America, we can say that different climates around the world are no threat to the implementation of original shale floor brick.

Applying shale floor bricks in different cities around the world reflects the stability of these carpets. Such as the use of the floor carpet in the region of Los Angeles (Gateway Center) that is subject to traffic of more than 50 buses every day which tolerates it without any problem.

  Lasting beauty of shale floor bricks

Color stability of shale floor bricks is one of their advantages. The color of shale floor bricks is natural shale color and it is not added. Therefore it does not turn pale.

Shale floor bricks from the brightest yellow to the darkest brown, dark chocolate and dark red appear more beautiful over the time.

  Shale floor bricks maintenance

Not only shale floor bricks have longer live than other floor carpets but also they need lower maintenance during their life span.  

A study has shown that the cost of maintaining shale floor bricks is 12.5 – 35% lower than the cost of maintaining conventional asphalt. This indicated that shale carpet is associated with significant savings in the costs during its long life.

Shale carpet is made of most abundant ground materials i.e. shale which can be produced by earth, water and fire elements without adding any chemicals so it is environmentally friendly. Shale floor bricks allow the engineers to design an exciting flat floor both for the healthy or visually impaired people. Municipalities in big cities are restoring the use of shale floor bricks and nowadays the shale floor bricks are frequency used in the streets, parks, yards and on the rooftops.

Namachin brick factory using high quality raw materials and superior technology has produced carpets with different colors and different applications. The bricks are manufactured under factory standards and have been approved by regulatory authorities.

These products are applied in hundreds of projects with different applications, such as sidewalks, monuments, gardens, villas, roofs, traditional restaurants and ...