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About us

In 1991 Nemachin brick factory was successful in obtaining an operation license with the approval of the Department of Industry in a land of 100,000 square meters located at km 6 of Habib Abad road with a surface area of more than 17,000 square meters including manufacturing, warehouse, office and welfare buildings ...

Brick Nemachin

Technical expertise and backed by 50 years of experience in the production of bricks

Capability and pride

We are a group of entrepreneurs who want to be among one hundredtop companies inIran, top 5 construction industry brands and the first brand in building façade with global business approach and the third millennium landscape until 2025. ...

Commercial package and sell NEmachIn

Always trying to use the new systems management , Communication with customers and assess the level of customer satisfactionTake action to improve their activities and With extensive sales network with more than one hundred agency and the Reseller in the whole country, has tried to make their products easily available to their customers.

Comments on the Floor Brick

Comments on the Floor Brick

When talking about floor bricks, different materials are placed before us. Stone, tile, asphalt, parquet, ceramic tiles and carpets are among the carpets that are widely used in buildings. Technical and qualitative characteristics of each one of th...

The methods of implementing the facade

The methods of implementing the facade

Facade using mortars Since buildings are not balanced the implementation of the facades of with cement mortar will cover the defect. This method is slower than other methods and cement, grout and mortar that are used may make the façade seem dir...

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