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Sales and Marketing Department

We are an entrepreneurial group that wants to be one of the top 100 companies in the world with the global business approach and the third millennium perspective by the year 1404, the 5 leading building brands and the first building brand in the country.

This department has had a long history in the field of manufacturing and delivering services and products of facades by maintaining proper quality and upgrading them. With the help and assistance of its sales experts, this department has added new products to the list of products of the Company every year to be able to meet all the needs of customers in selling brick facades.

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Nemachin Company has two distinct parts as the interior design and calculation unit, implementation unit and the unit of products installation Both units move the design process step-by-step according to the customer's perspective, and are eventually run and implemented under the supervision of experts in the interior design department.

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Nemachin Index Features

We will only feel successful when we are able to offer more and more competitive ability in our target markets in comparison to other industries.

  •  Respect for the social environment, with respect for the rights of customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders
  •  Belief in God and adherence to religious values and human dignity
  •  The development of a large family and the value chain of Nemachin
  •  Human capital development
  •  Adherence to national and international principles and laws within the framework of a learning, agile, and accountable organization.
  •  Respect for the environment and prevention of pollution with health for all
  •  Technology development with emphasis on basic knowledge performance
  •  Interaction with business partners